At Kershaw Fruit, we understand that no two markets are identical and we have to make changes to satisfy the vast variations in customer wants and needs. With our very flexible packing lines we are able to run a variety of packing options from boxes to bags! With the help of our robotic box maker and bag filler we greatly increase the efficiency and safety of the apples.

Aside from the many automated machines we are currently using, we also have our Spectrim defect sorter. This allows us to capture hundreds of photos of every apple that passes through our production line. With these photos, we are able to assess any defects, both internal and external, that may be present on the apple and thus choose the best packing line to send it.

The final stage in our line of production is the storage and shipping of customer orders. Kershaw Fruit is a commit to-pack warehouse with that meaning all boxes produced are allocated to orders. Our fruit is then stored in a temperature controlled room to ensure a fresh apple through the entire storage period.