Kershaw Fruit has one end goal-Provide an affordable, healthy choice for a consistent eating experience by growing produce that tastes good and has nutritional value. We strive to meet that goal on a daily basis by combining five generations of farming experience and marketing efforts; starting in the orchards and continuing through the delivery process to ensure the customer’s enjoyment of a safe, quality product.  

We are proud of our dedication to the land, our people, our product, and the consumer. We also realize today’s produce world has become more complex and offers consumers more choices. We remain focused on meeting those needs while maintaining the balance of nature. Our experience, technology, and passion are the soul of the Kershaw family commitment.  

Our fundamental policies ensure safe, quality food. We do so through good manufacturing practices and standard operating procedures. Food safety, quality and security are core beliefs and to that end; we have formed a Food Safety/Quality/Security team of diverse personnel from all Kershaw Company levels to help ensure these standards are maintained and new challenges are met head on. We fully support the Food Safety/Quality/Security team. We will continue to make financial resources available to design, improve, and implement new programs at Kershaw Fruit. Our objective is to be compliant with food safety standards. We strive to keep major and critical non-conformity at 0% and our minor non-conformity under 10%. 

Each employee is required to notify a supervisor or team member with any safety, quality or security issues/concerns.  

We believe in creating a workplace environment that promotes the safety and health of our employees. We operate within all the Federal and State Labor Laws. Kershaw Fruit has several areas on the property to encourage a healthy, well balanced work environment. We promote an open-door policy for all our employees as stated in our employees’ handbook.